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Professional Propeller Repair Training:

We are committed to not only providing you with the latest technology in propeller repair but in teaching you all there is to know about propellers.

The intensive two week training course named APC-2 (Advance Propeller Course - Level 2) has been developed over many years. Industry front-runners, including recognized propeller experts from the US Navy have attended this course.

The course divided into the following modules:

Prop Scan Theory of Propellers 
Prop Scan Theory of Propellers
Professional Propeller Repair Training
Understanding Pitch  Understanding Pitch
Introduction to the Prop Scan Inspection System  Introduction to the Prop Scan Inspection System
Selecting a Prop Scan Inspection System  Selecting a Prop Scan Inspection System
Prop Scan Fundamentals  Prop Scan Fundamentals
Understanding ISO propeller standards  Understanding international propeller standards
Prop Scan Operation  Prop Scan Operation
Assessing and Repairing Damaged Propellers  Assessing and Repairing Damaged Propellers


Complete course documentation is provided allowing you to refer back to a procedure or technique at any time.


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